Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Take Action: NOSB Committee Proposes Misleading and Damaging Standards for "Organic" Fish Farms

The National Organic Standards Board had proposed "organic standards for net pens and fish feed" for farm-raised fish, and is accepting comments on these two proposals until Monday, November 3rd. Click here to take action.

The development of U.S. organic standards for aquaculture could potentially help alleviate and reverse the environmental and human health impacts associated with currently used harmful industrial aquaculture methods. In order to realize these benefits, however, any organic aquaculture standards must be stringent, and reflect a primary commitment to developing low impact and sustainable production methods.

Unfortunately, the latest round of the development of Organic Aquaculture standards -- NOSB Livestock Committee Proposed Organic Aquaculture Standards for Net Pens and Fish Feed -- does not comply with organic principles. CFS opposes both proposals because, if approved, they will fatally undercut any future organic aquaculture standard.

If there is to be a meaningful USDA organic standard for aquaculture, our regulators need to face the reality that some types of fish farming are simply not possible to be made organic because they require environmentally damaging activities. Farming large predatory fish like salmon in open water net pens will lead to escapes and harm to our oceans' wild fish stocks and biodiversity. Allowing the use of wild-caught fish to feed "organic" fish is unlawful and misleading to the public, and will also harm our oceans by further depleting forage fisheries.

Tell the NOSB to Say No to "Organic" Net Pen Farming and the Use of Wild-Caught Feed! Click here to take action.

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