Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Vandana Shiva

I posted about listening to Vandana Shiva speak at the Natural Products Epxo last month. Check out the post here. There are two really great articles that go into her works some more.

Check out:
"In Hindi, seed is bija or "containment of life." "Seed is created to renew, to multiply, to be shared, and to spread. Seed is life itself," Ms. Shiva said. Corporations such as Monsanto have reduced seed to private property..."
"I feel that the combination of climate change, peak oil, and the financial collapse provides an opportunity for us to build economies of place that will shift not just from oil to soil, but it will shift from financial capital to people as the real wealth—people as both the generators of wealth as well as wealth of communities. If we can get there, we will have a future. If we can’t get there, we will see more and more conflicts emerge around the world in conditions of new scarcity."

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