Friday, July 8, 2011

Rethink Rosé – The New Wine of Summer
By Kirsten Lindquist - Cheese, Wine and Specialty Manager

In case you hadn’t heard, Rosé wines are having a moment. Even the New York Times is talking about them!

Forget what you think you know about Rosés– sweet, cloying, or syrupy. Instead, winemakers around the world are rediscovering what French producers have always known – great red wines can make fantastic rosés. Crisp, dry, slightly fruity without the heaviness of red wine, rosés are the perfect chilled summer wine that go with everything from BBQ to antipasta salads and everything in between. The trick is finding a rosé made from your favorite red. Luckily, Co-opportunity has quite a selection, starting at $9.99 a bottle. You will find them chilling in our cold case, and a few are even on sale. So come get them while the weather is hot and the drinking is cool!

Frey Rosé, California $9.99
Made from a blend of red grapes grown in Mendocino, Frey’s rosé has aromas of fresh strawberries and wild roses with smooth, crisp raspberry flavors. Certified Organic, no sulfites added.

Marquis de Goulaine Rosé D’Anjou, France $9.99
French roses are best from the Loire Valley and Marquis de Goulaine is one of the best known. Rosé D’Anjou is the terroir designation and may contain a blend of red grapes, specific to each producer. Bright and refreshing, Marquis de Goulaine has notes of tropical fruits and subtle roses. Good acidity with a dry finish there are hints of sweetness without any residual sugar. Sustainably Grown.

Borsao Rosé, Spain $9.99
Made from Garnacha (aka Grenache), Borsao’s rosé made the New York Times’ top 10 rosés of the year, coming in at No. 5. A delicate pink color, Borsao has light fruit aromas with lingering flavors of cherries and earthy notes. Sustainably Grown.

Hoya de Cadenas Rosado, Spain $7.99
Made from 100% Bobal grapes – native to Utiel-Requena area of Valencia where these vineyards are found – Hoya’s Rosado has an intense red color with a strawberry bouquet. Fruity on the nose, characteristic of the Bobal variety and fruit forward on the palate, with a refreshing acidity. Its aromatic persistence allows the spirit of this wine to linger through the finish. Sustainably Grown

Cantele Rosato, Italy SALE $10.99
Made from Negromaro grapes from the Puglia region of Italy, Cantele’s Rosato is a deep ruby color with rose and red geranium on the nose and tastes of strawberries and cherries. Bright with crisp acidity and a smooth finish. Sustainably Grown.

Biokult Rosé Secco, Austria $15.99
Made from Pinot Noir grapes, Biokult allows for a small second fermentation adding some sparkle to this unique rosé and capping it with a champagne cork. Red berries on the nose and soft floral notes, bright and crisp this rosé is an easy sipper as an aperitif or with a light meal. Organic.

Crios Rosé of Malbec, Argentina $12.49
Crios is the brainchild of one of Argentina’s best winemakers and one of the few women master vintners, Susana Balbo. With 87 points from International Wine Cellar, Crios’ rosé is made from Malbec grapes with aromas of strawberries and a citrus element. Supple, fruity and surprisingly full-bodied for a rosé, it is well balanced with a dominant strawberry flavor. Sustainably Grown.
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