Wednesday, November 12, 2008

National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture

The National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture is a nationwide partnership of diverse individuals and organizations cultivating grass roots efforts to engage in policy development processes that result in food and agricultural systems and rural communities that are healthy, environmentally sound, profitable, humane and just.

Their Shared Goals

- More independent farmers and ranchers producing good food, making a good living and protecting the environment;
- Thriving communities connected through sustainable food production, processing and distribution systems based on fair and open markets;
- Dignified livelihoods and living wages for all workers in the farm and food sector;
- A safe, secure food supply;
- Access for everyone in our society to nutritious, healthful and affordable food; and
- Farming and ranching practices that produce quality food and other products, while preserving open space, abundant wildlife, and other forms of biodiversity.

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