Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Its Grocery Store Wars!!! Complete with Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, and Chew Broccoli! I love this video, its a little silly but fun, would be great and informative for kids.


In other news, I did rush right home after work and and cook the kasha recipe in the post below. Two words or one repeated twice... Yum, yum! So hearty and delicious! I'm always looking to add more delicious whole grains to my diet but never knew how to cook Kasha and the only recipes I had encountered were kasha varnishkes which doesn't really appeal to me. The finished recipe totally reminds me of a side dish I've had a couple of times at a Georgian restaurant in San Diego. Anyway, I served it up topped with a fried egg along with sunchoke puree and steamed brussel sprouts, all from the co-op, even my carnivore boyfriend was full and happy. Success! I'm definitely going to be trying out more recipes from


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