Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gardens of Gratitude

There's an amazing event taking place this weekend (5/16 & 17) all over the Westside. It's called the "100 Garden Challenge" or Gardens of Gratitude and we're proud to be one of the sponsors. The goal is to plant 100 edible gardens throughout the Westside. They're planting in backyards, front yards, balconies; simply put, wherever food can grow.

This is a perfect example of people coming together as a community and taking advantage of our ability to provide for ourselves. I encourage you all to log on to the Gardens of Gratitude website and sign up for some digging and planting.
Sure, our co-op sells organic and local produce (and we love it when you buy it!), but what could be more miraculous than growing your own fruits and vegetables, and then eating them straight from your own garden? You'd be surprised at how much you can grow in even a small area. And if you don't have a front or backyard, you can still grow food on your balcony or even indoors. Or, sign up to help with someone else's garden.

We need to exercise our ability and our right to grow our own food. This is a prime example of "acting locally."

For more info and a link to the event website, check out our homepage.

What are you already growing at your home? Let us know.


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