Friday, June 5, 2009

Co-op to Go!

Great news for all you co-op deli lovers. We've now got a whole new delicious bunch of grab'n'go goodies made right here, "in-house," as they say in the biz. It's our recently created "Co-op to Go!" line and we're adding new models weekly.

Here's just a partial listing: Daily fresh sandwiches of all persuasions (turkey, veggie, tuna, grilled chicken panini, grilled veggie panini, etc.). Sides of rice. Wraps. Whole meal plates. And more.

And there's more yet to come. Our research and development department is hard at work in a secret location creating new culinary delights for the line.

Stop by the deli and check the lower case in front of the counter and also the case on the side facing produce. Just look for the "Co-op to Go!" label.

No more waiting in line!

It's easy: Choose. Purchase. Devour. Enjoy. Wipe face.

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